Our research team will be monitoring media and tweeting live from Paris!

Lauren Kaljur, a member of our research team is heading to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of the Parties (better known as #COP21) in Paris later this week.

Lauren will be doing journalism for Open Canada, and blogging here about her experiences reporting in and on the most highly anticipated climate change conference yet. Many government and NGO representatives will be in Paris, including Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau.  Have a look at some of the pre-reporting Lauren has done for Open Canada.

Our research goal is to monitor coverage related to the Arctic in the English-language reporting that comes out of COP21. Myself, Alexander Kim and Peter Mothe will be tracking coverage on Twitter and online from the UBC campus in Vancouver, Canada.

Through the past 8 months, our research team has been doing a content analysis of journalism at the International, National (Canada), and Regional levels.  We will be discussing some of our findings on here once our large data set has been checked more thoroughly for errors.