Expedition cruise passengers exploring the Northwest Passage step onto a thick pan of sea ice.

A large iceberg, likely originating from Greenland’s northwest coast, drifts through Lancaster Sound, Nunavut.

Large pieces of Arctic ice from Greenland were displayed as part of an art installation during the COP 21 summit in Paris.

Welcome to Arctic Journalism, the research blog and website!

This site is part of a multi-year research project begun at the UBC Graduate School of Journalism and funded by SSHRC. The formal long title of this project is: “Arctic Journalism: Examining norms and practices in an era of environmental change and global audiences.”

Elsewhere on the site, you can find more formal and full descriptions of the scope of the project. What I’d like to do with this first blog post is provide a sense of the inspiration and thinking behind what we’re hoping to accomplish with this project.