Our site has been down for the past few weeks, but we’ve been working steadily to get it back up and running.

A huge thanks to our team at the UBC School of Journalism, and especially Chantelle Bellrichard for figuring out a way to bring our site back to life.  It’ll take us a few more days to get all the pictures loading properly again, and the Arctic News section back up to speed, but we’re grateful at this point to be out of “404 error” land.

While we were offline, we’ve been busy on the ground.

Lauren Kaljur recently finished her internship in Whitehorse, Yukon at Yukon News. Alexander Kim is finishing his internship based in Iqaluit, Nunavut with Arctic Deeply.

Candis Callison will join Alex in Iqaluit next week (starting July 4) to speak with journalists working in Nunavut. Candis will head to Yellowknife with Peter Mothe in August to speak with journalists working in the Northwest Territories. In September, Candis and Lauren will head back up to Whitehorse to interview Yukon journalists.