Our research team will be in many communities across the Canadian Arctic during the next several months. If you are a journalist working anywhere in the Arctic, and you’re interested in participating in this project, please contact us.

We will be conducting ethnographic research and interviews with working journalists in the Arctic in order to understand the changes that have come with digital technology and global audiences, and the challenges of reporting on environmental and economic changes.

As well, some of our team will be directly contributing to Arctic journalism. Lauren Kaljur will be in the Yukon and Alexander Kim will be in Nunavut doing journalism internships in May, June and July.  As part of the Master of Journalism degree at UBC, all students must complete 12 weeks of internship at a news organization. Part of being a Research Assistant for this project means heading to the Arctic for some of those internship weeks.

In July and August, Candis Callison will be traveling with Lauren, Alexander, and graduating student, Peter Mothe (who interned last year in the Northwest Territories) to speak with as many journalists as possible in all of the Canadian territories. We will also conduct some interviews by video or audio conferencing if we can’t meet you in person.